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How to overcome plateau?

You do everything right, but nothing changes. Yea, that happens. Here are some tips that can make you lighter and slimmer.

1. Make sure you sleep enough and drink your 8 glasses.

2. What do you eat? The plateau can be caused by water retention if you eat lots of carbs or salty food. Anyway, that’s just water. Eat less salt, more protein, drink that water. If you really need to lost 1-2 lbs for one day, drink lots of coffee/green tea/diet coke. Prepare to pee!

3. How much do you eat? If you are not obsessed with dieting, you probably don’t count calories. That’s okay for your mental health, but if you are trying to lose weight, calories are important. Write down everything you eat for a day or two. Thew count the calories.

4. You eat too much to lose weight. That’s so easy isn’t it? Just eat less. Cut down on food that contains both carbs and fats and eat more food that has low caloric density (such as fresh fruit and veggies). Don’t make your daily net less than 1200 kcal. 

5. You undereat. This happens, if you try too hard. Eating less is necessary for weight loss, but there are two issues.

(1) Dieting is stress. The higher the deficit, the stronger the stress. If your body is too stressed, you just stop losing weight. Eat 100-200 kcal more a week until you achieve at least 1200 kcal. Don’t eat junk food to have more calories. 

(2) It’s a huge psychological stress also. If you are on a really strict diet, you will binge then. And, probably, you will binge for every day of restriction. The compromise is to have 1-2 free meals a week. And a “refeed” once a month: eat food that is rich in kcals and carbs for 2-3 days. Don’t eat crap! Don’t eat if it pains! Don’t eat what you don’t like just to eat!

6. Got any fitness? If you don’t go to the gym… well. Okay. You should… okay. For those who exercise.

(1) You should do it regularly. 2-4 times every week.

(2) You should train hard. Otherwise you spend time only, not calories.

(3) Change your program once in 1-2 weeks. Especilly if it becomes easy for you.

(4) If you train every day for several hours, take a day-off! Again, your body is stressed and has no intention to give away anything, especially fat.

Thank you. Good luck, have fun.

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